Colorado STOP THE BLEED® Training and Kits for Public Schools Program

Frequently Asked Questions

STOP THE BLEED® through the ACS is a non-profit organization which is responsible for maintaining instructor status and ensuring the most current evidence-based curriculum at no cost. They additionally provide standardization in training and materials used, so all students receive the same information to empower them to act. This was written into the bill intentionally to keep the training free and standardized across the state of Colorado.

  • The program to receive the kits with the training is currently only for all Colorado public schools. Private schools may receive the training for free at any time as well by contacting The Colorado Trauma Network, the American College of Surgeons, or your local RETAC.
  • Yes, any school publicly funded by the State of Colorado is eligible.
  • This program is for the individual school only. You may submit a data form for each school in your district if you choose, and each school will need to participate in the training prior to receiving the kits.
  • A school district office or headquarters may receive the training at any time at no cost by connecting with local instructors through The Colorado Trauma Network, The ACS STOP THE BLEED® Program, local RETACs, or your local trauma center.
  • School district offices and headquarters are not eligible to receive HB 23-1213 funded bleeding control kits.
  • Yes. The HB 23-1213 supports training of 6th grade and up. The school will need to disclose the training to parents/guardians and obtain a permission slip. It is also strongly recommended to offer training to parents/guardians prior to their students to provide awareness and a positive experience for all involved.
  • If your school was trained on July 1, 2023, or after, you may submit the data form and receive a certificate from the CTN to obtain the kits only.
  • We support a 10:1 student-to-instructor ratio. It is recommended to optimize the number of students who receive the training based on the school's population target audience.
  • CDPHE will receive your school certificate with the unique identifier (your school code) when you and your administrator do. The contracted vendor with CDPHE will ship directly to the school utilizing the STB school certificate.