Instructor Guidance for HB23-1213

STOP THE BLEED® Training and Kits for Colorado Public Schools

  1. Instructors must be a registered STOP THE BLEED® (STB) instructor with the American College of Surgeons (ACS).
  2. STB training is always provided completely free of charge for Colorado public schools participating in the HB23-1213 program.
  3. Instructors will receive a participating school's contact information through The Colorado Trauma Network (CTN) Injury Prevention Subcommittee.
  4. Instructors will work directly with the STB class requestor and/or administration to establish:
    • Target audience
    • Number of attendees
      • The ACS STB recommends 10 students for 1 instructor. It is recommended that the instructor optimize the number of students who are in attendance based on the population of the school's target audience in order to provide the most value to the school.
    • Date, time, and location
      • The location should have adequate space and
        AV set-up.
    • Course language – Currently only offered in English and Spanish materials.
      • Instructors will request a school interpreter, if available, for any language the instructor does not speak fluently.
  5. Instructors will utilize only educational and promotional materials provided by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) STB program for registered instructors and in accordance with the ACS use and branding rules for all STB materials.
  6. Instructors will adhere to the ACS STB course guidance on instructor-to-student ratio.
  1. Training Materials
    • Instructors are responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate training materials. (See detailed list below)
    • Instructors who do not have adequate supplies of training materials may reach out for assistance from:
      CTN, RETACs, local trauma centers

      • RETAC participation will be limited to connecting instructors and schools to organizations and institutions who can help support STB training.
    • Instructors may also choose to make their own models for wound packing demonstration.
  • Training materials should be in adequate supply for the class size and include the following:
    • Tourniquets
    • Wound packing materials
    • Models for tourniquet placement demonstration
    • Models for wound packing demonstration
    • Appropriate AV materials to present the course.
    • Printed copies of ACS STB sign in sheets
    • Printed copies of ACS STB attendee certificates
    • Pens for sign in and certificates
    • Printed copies of the ACS STB course – in English and/or Spanish as appropriate
  • The instructor will be responsible for:
    • Obtaining an accurate attendee sign-in.
    • Completing data entry into the ACS STB website
    • Data entry for any school participating in the Colorado HB23-1213 STB program specific to the established process below.
    • Instructions for Data Entry:
      • Put the name of the school in the location name box.
      •  Place the name of school (again) and the unique school ID number that we obtained from the state in the additional information section.
      • Once the course is complete and data is entered into the ACS STB site, the school administrators and course requestor will receive a specific certificate for the HB23-1213 STB program to request the kits.
  • Kit Placement
    • Instructors may choose to provide recommendations for where to place STB kits once the school receives them.
    • This will ultimately be the school's decision and responsibility to place and secure the kits.
    • Potential locations for STB kits:
      • Centrally located with other known rescue or medical equipment with AED
      • Spread out across the school, not in a single location unless you receive a singular kit.
      • Accessible to all
    • Not recommended
      • Inside individual classrooms unless the school has the number of kits to accommodate all classrooms.
      • Obscure locations not well known or accessible to everyone
      • A single location.
  • Kit Purchasing
    • Schools or course attendees may seek guidance on where to purchase STB kits.
    • Instructors should only refer to reputable medical supply companies to ensure schools and the public do not purchase "knockoff" kits that are at risk of failing in a life-safety event.